Monday, March 14, 2011

10 and a half weeks!

So, in just another week, after my doctor's appointment next Tuesday, I will finally be able to share the news with the world that I am pregnant.  I wanted to wait until then because then it will be about 12 weeks, which is when the chances of having a miscarriage are drastically reduced, and because this doctor's appt is when I will hear the baby's heart for the first time.  I have this weird desire to know for sure that there really is a baby there, before I go telling everyone that I was told that I'm pregnant.  Although, I'm pretty sure that there really is because I've never been so nauseous or so tired for so long.  And I'm also starting to feel a space in my abdomen that isn't myself. 

So, for this week my baby is the size of a Kumquat, which I think is that really sour oranges that my grandmother Celine used to pick and make into jam.  And according to, my baby is moving a lot, although I can't feel anything.  The joints and all main organs are all there- they're just still finishing up the development and starting to function more and more.  I really hope it's a girl, although I would love a boy too.  I just want a girl first, that's all.  Although, looking at Felix's and my family history, we are definitely more likely to have lots of boys.  But can't I have a girl first?  If it is a girl, we've decided on a name- Rachel Celine Guzman.  And if it does turn out to be a boy, maybe Jacob or Xavier.  We also already have a room set aside for the baby, and a crib... we're very excited to be having a baby, even though she (or he) isn't coming for 6 more months. 

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