Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No Screaming Necessary

  So, my threat must have worked somehow because I found out two days after writing the previous post that I am pregnant!  If this blog was popularly viewed, or even rarely viewed I wouldn't be able to post this.  However, since I have not yet told anyone of this blog, I am safe to share this secret information.  Felix and I just found out on Thursday night with a home pregnancy test, and officially on Friday after peeing in the BYU health center lab test cup. Needless to say Felix and I are overwhelmed with joy.  But, because it is so soon, I can't tell very many people.  So far I have only told my brothers, and a few close friends.  After the period of caution- when miscarriages are most common- I will announce this news to the world.  For now though, I will keep this blog a secret and share how the pregnancy is going with myself only.

Felix and I have been thinking of names, but I haven't happy with any of them except three girl names.  Hopefully we have 3 girls so we can use them all: Rachel Audrey, Aurora (Jo, Virginia, or something else), and Merari (something).  All of the boys names that we've brainstormed haven't been my favorite.  First I had the idea to use my brothers' middle names for first names and his brothers' first names for middle names.  So, Joseph Carlos, James Christian, and using my other two brothers: Vincent Allen.  However, I don't really like the name Vincent (I knew a gross Vincent in elementary school who ruined it for me) and James and Joseph are gross when said in spanish- Jose and Jaime... blech.  And honestly, they are just too common.  I don't want weird names like Blake or Darren or Brock, just something a little less used that's all...

Maybe the lack of liking any boy names is a sign that we're going to have a girl?  We shall see.  As of right now, the due date is October 7, 2011!

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