Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Crazy

   It's official.  I want a baby and if I don't find out I'm pregnant in 2 days, I'm going to scream.  Maybe I should stop going to school and even better- move out of Provo.  If I were out of Provo I might not be so depressed whenever I see someone my own age or younger with multiple babies.
Here are the facts:

               1.  I've wanted a baby ever since I was a baby, or soon thereafter.  I loved playing with my baby dolls- especially my black water baby.
              2.  Although I was taking birth control for the first 6 months after getting married, I secretly hoped the pills would fail and I would be a young mother.  This may have been why I convinced my husband to buy over 12 tests within the last 7 months.
             3. I am now 22, which means that if I do get pregnant now, I am out of the teenage mother category but still eligible for the young mother- which has its social responses and benefits.
            4.  I'm beginning to think that, like discussed in the movie "Get Smart", my uterus has dried up and fallen out.  This idea scares me.
            5.  One of my best friends has been married only 6 months longer than me, and her baby is already 1 month old.  I'm falling behind.

   These reasons and more are why I think it's high time that my eggs kick into gear, if they're still there that is, and start progressing to their full potential. 

By the way- while I did have a white water baby with blonde hair, I chose the black one instead.  Could this have been foreshadowing to my future choice?  Thank you, Mom, for purchasing the black baby because it was on sale, allowing me to have a more colorful future.